Monday, January 09, 2006

Dublin (in review)

This is in fact the second time i am posting this blog. Somehow i lost the first one. So i will try and recapture the magic of the first.Right now I am writing from Paris as I have just arrived from Dublin his afternoon.

We arrived in Dublin on the 5th and Casey, our fearless leader, got us from the airport to our budget hotel. It was more of a hostel than a hotel, except the fact that they didn't kick us out during the day. The four of us shared a room with a guy named Ben, an american studying guitar in Brussels. We also shared our room two of our nights there with a really smelly dude. We barely saw him as he appeared in the middle of the night and left early in the morning (not showering I should add). We did manage to smell him, even if we couldn't see him. The second night we made sure to sleep with the windows open despite the cold weather and the noise outside. We stayed in a very busy neighborhood with lots of great food and lots of pubs. People were out late and all the noise came through our windows. The worst past was this guy downstairs who was emptying all the pub's glass bottles into the recylcing. He would toss one botle at a time into the conainer. So it was a constant clang/crash every 5 seconds.

We explored the city mostly on foot and some by bus. Our first day we started with the Modern art Museum and then we went to an old jail that housed common criminals and the political prisoners during the revolutions for indepence from the British. After that we went to the Guinness factory and took the tour. The tour ended in the bar at the top where you can see all around Dublin and drink your complementary pint. I couldn't finish mine since i just had a hot chocolate minutes earlier. We also saw Christ Church, the oldest curch in Ireland from the 12th century and the National Art Museum. Our last day we took a tour ouyt of Dublin to see old tombs and old celtic sites. We went to this one tomb that was older than the pyramids. We learned a lot about old Irish history and the current history between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The tour was great and our guide was this great old man named Patrick who even played us a tune on his flute. It was a great experience.

The next morning, we packed left for he airport, took a bus for an hour and a half into Paris, took two metro trains to the hostel and found Ginny safe and sound waiting for me here.

Tonight is Jesse's last night here in Europe and I have to continue without him, which is going to be really sad. He's been a great travel companion and guide. Im sure we will all go out and celebrate Jesse's last night.