Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adrenaline Rush

I spend my tuesday nights in my methods course at SJSU. It is specifically for science teachers and is taught by two wonderful women who are also teachers.Tonight, some of us did 4 minute presentations on our hobby. I chose to talk about puzzles. I knew what i wanted to say but i hadn't made an exact plan of how it was actually going to come out of my mouth and i definitely hadn't practiced it. If i had, i probably wouldn't have talked as fast as i did. Even during my presentation, i knew i was going way too fast, but i couldn't stop myself. My fight or flight response had kicked in, and i was using that adrenaline to do neither. It probably didn't help that i was being recorded by two video cameras (for further review). But afterward, I got a nice comment from one of my classmates, which was a little calming. He said that i should talk more and that i was funny, or interesting, or something....it is all kinda hazy now. But it felt nice to hear that. Somebody wanted to hear more from me and know more about me.
As i was in the car driving home and i called Peter. He is of course still at work at 9 pm. And bless his heart, he listened while I ranted for a few minutes about my presentation and even while i got side tracked with a small case of road rage. The power of adrenaline is amazing.
I am hoping that i won't be such a freak in the classroom and that i can get myself under control.