Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day One

Monday was my first day reporting to my student teaching assignment. I was given a packet of information for my master teacher. It included my name, the school i was reporting to, the classroom number, the time class began, and my teacher's name. For a week, i held on to that packet and memorized the info. I am going to Oak Grove high school for 4th period at 10:53 in classroom X2. I had a map, i wasn't going to get lost. I had a bell schedule, i was going to be on time. In fact, i was aiming to be at least a half an hour early to get my ID and parking permit.

So the morning finally came and i was up early to make sure i didn't forget anything. I double checked the address, got a map, and checked the bell schedule once more. All of a sudden, i noticed the Monday collaborative schedule. That couldn't be for EVERY Monday, could it? So i called the school, and of course, the schedule was different. Instead of reporting at 10:53, 4th period was starting at 9:46. Okay, it was 9:30 and it was going to take me at least 20 minutes to drive to Oak Grove. I was going to be late. Through a series of phone calls to the school, and the principle's sectretary, i got a message to my teacher that i was going to miss 4th but was on my way. The school called back saying that i could go to 5th period instead.
I finally arrived, found the administration building, got my ID, and went to 5th period. I was extremely embarrassed.

Instead of Monday being my first day with my future students, Tuesday was my first day. The kids seem okay. My teacher told me that they were kind of wild, but they were nothing crazy. I guess i will really find out over the next couple weeks while i observe and work with them.

The tentative schedule is that i am going to take over the class on March 26. I wil do a 3 week unit on physiology, which is way more exciting than other some units. My master teacher teaches explicitly to the state content standards and therefore his kids do well on the STAR test. But his own classroom tests don't require anything but regergatation of facts.
I have tentatively planned what i want to cover during my unit, but i have to make sure i teach the standards and give them a test that follows his format. He doesn't make lesson plans, so i am on my own for this.

I think i have a good plan so far, i just have to work out the details and create some cool activities. Wish me luck!