Saturday, November 03, 2007

Teaching in Review

One bad thing about teaching. Not urinating. I have to hold it in all day so much that i forget to pee when i get home which is bad news for my bladder.

One good thing about teaching. At the beginning of the year making judgements about certain students who have now turned out to be some of my favorites.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Softball in Review

Peter, Radhika, and I have joined a softball team with my old and Radhika's current employer, MyGym. The team is made up of the owner and some employees (myself being the only ex-employee) and significant others. I have been playing 3rd base recently which is way hard. Peter and i have been working on me not being afraid of grounders. I am always terrified that they will pop up out of my glove and hit me in the face.

Last Wednesday's game included the fastest ball to come my way so far. Naturally, I shrieked and avoided it. Not the proudest moment of my softball career, but it was scary! I did have one redeeming moment when i caught a line drive, though. Other highlights included hitting 3 for 3, getting hit in the chin by a bobbled toss, and losing the game by 20 runs.

Peter has played in a couple games but has to share his position in the line-up since we have more guys who want to play than there are positions. We generally have more girls than there are positions, but some are more hesitant to play than others. But i am in demand, so i always get to play the whole game. So even if i feel bad about a play, i have to remind myself that i rock.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Too much fun

Peter and I needed a weekend from our weekend. We went to a Giants game on Friday night but left early in the afternoon to pick up tickets from the craigslist dude. We later found parking and waited for the gates to open to receive the promo for the game, giants blankets. Woo-hoo! something to keep me warm during the brisk San Francisco night at the ballpark. Giants came from behind to win and Peter and I headed to my parent's house to spend the night. Saturday morning meant pancakes and some time with the folks.

We left San Francisco Saturday afternoon and continued our fun weekend by heading to the park for some softball practice and aerobie. Check out Tracy's blog for details. Needless to say, we ended the night with homemade Lee family enchiladas and margaritas.

Sunday morning, Peter and I hopped an early train for San Francisco for yet another Giants game. But this was no ordinary trip. This trip included an autograph signing with J.T. Snow, my favorite Giants player. He played for the Giants for 9 seasons earning 6 gold gloves as a Giant and as an Angel. He was a player you could always count on defensively and offensively. He also happened to be very handsome, to boot. After years of swooning, i got an opportunity to be in his presence. Peter and I stood outside the new Giants Team Store across the street from the stadium to guarantee ourselves autographs. They were only letting in 250 people and we had no idea what the scene was going to be like. So, we got there around noon for a 3 pm signing. It must have been the hottest day ever in The City and we tried to do anything to protect ourselves from burning in the sun. Besides sunscreen, Peter covered himself in the blanket we got from Friday night's game.

Once inside the store, i got a glimpse of J.T. through some racks of t-shirts. I began to get jittery and squirrelly and on the verge of tears.
I wanted to tell him that first base hasn't been the same without him but all i could muster was a couple of thank yous. He asked how i was and i asked how he was doing, but i felt like a groupie instead of a huge fan of his mad skills. Peter took this incredible awkward picture of J.T. and I. I had no idea what to do with myself and stood there looking like a fool while i signed my shirt.

Now the problem is what to do with my shirt. I LOVE wearing my Snow shirt and want to continue wearing it. Now, it's even cooler with his signature. What's a girl to do? Should i continue wearing it, even though i may accidentally ruin it or put it in the wash? Or do i frame it and put it on my wall and never wear one of my favorite shirts ever again?

After the signing, Peter and I headed into the park. Lately, we have been hanging out in the bleachers during batting practice trying to nab some baseballs. But after sitting in the sun for 3 hours already, I opted to sit in the shade and watch batting practice. Eventually we moved to our seats overlooking right field and continued to sit in the sun for another 2 hours. The foul line pole kept us in the shade for a portion of the game, but i sat for several innings with my sweatshirt over my head keeping the sun out of my face. I guess i don't do well in sunlight. Maybe we should stick to night games.

The Giants lost, but it wasn't heartbreaking like some games. Afterward, Peter and I headed back to the train for our ride home. We settled in around 10 pm only to dread the coming morning of work and school. With three giants games under our belt this season, we are hooked. We are constantly looking for more tickets and more deals to get us back to the park. Here's looking at a great season of baseball. Go Giants!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Earth Day Celebration

Peter and I celebrated Earth Day in an unexpected way. We went to Petsmart and bought new cat litter. We clean her littler box every night which means using plastic bags every night to dispose of litter. That means we have used a lot of plastic bags since we adopted Tulie. I would like to think i am Earth friendly, but i sure helped create a lot of trash. Supposedly it takes plastic bags 1,000 years to decompose. So Peter and I switched to "World's Best Cat Litter" and yes, that is its real name. It is biodegradable litter and is flushable. It is made from corn kernels. So Last night, we cleaned Tulie's catbox, flush it down the toilet and gave each other a high five. Yay! No more plastic bags to take out every night and no more plastic bags to cover the earth with.

Here are some Earth Day products to think about. We can make easy changes to what we use that can make a difference.
Worlds Best Cat Litter

Was that the most boring blog ever? I guess that's why people hate hippies.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I am sore everywhere. I lied, i hate baseball.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Softball Practice

Today was the first day of softball practice with the extended My Gym family's new softball team. Last time I picked up a bat, i played on the bench for my high school's summer softball league. By the end of the summer, i felt i was getting worse. I still love baseball and was very excited to play today. Batting practice was a little shaky. I have a late swing, so all my balls head straight done the right field foul line. I got a few good shots in, but overall batting practice was a little difficult. It makes me want to go back and improve. Anyone one wanna hit the batting cages with me? It feels so good when you connect with the ball correctly and it goes flying. I want that feeling more next time. Yay for summer time, long days, and baseball.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Friends, teachers, and classmates have been talking about the new show on Fox, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader". Tonight I watched the first 10 minutes of the program and i can't watch anymore. Tonight's contestents thought North America was in the eastern hemisphere and couldn't remember the realtionship between diameter and radius.
Is it unrealistic to imagine that adults should still know this stuff? I am pretty speechless...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day One

Monday was my first day reporting to my student teaching assignment. I was given a packet of information for my master teacher. It included my name, the school i was reporting to, the classroom number, the time class began, and my teacher's name. For a week, i held on to that packet and memorized the info. I am going to Oak Grove high school for 4th period at 10:53 in classroom X2. I had a map, i wasn't going to get lost. I had a bell schedule, i was going to be on time. In fact, i was aiming to be at least a half an hour early to get my ID and parking permit.

So the morning finally came and i was up early to make sure i didn't forget anything. I double checked the address, got a map, and checked the bell schedule once more. All of a sudden, i noticed the Monday collaborative schedule. That couldn't be for EVERY Monday, could it? So i called the school, and of course, the schedule was different. Instead of reporting at 10:53, 4th period was starting at 9:46. Okay, it was 9:30 and it was going to take me at least 20 minutes to drive to Oak Grove. I was going to be late. Through a series of phone calls to the school, and the principle's sectretary, i got a message to my teacher that i was going to miss 4th but was on my way. The school called back saying that i could go to 5th period instead.
I finally arrived, found the administration building, got my ID, and went to 5th period. I was extremely embarrassed.

Instead of Monday being my first day with my future students, Tuesday was my first day. The kids seem okay. My teacher told me that they were kind of wild, but they were nothing crazy. I guess i will really find out over the next couple weeks while i observe and work with them.

The tentative schedule is that i am going to take over the class on March 26. I wil do a 3 week unit on physiology, which is way more exciting than other some units. My master teacher teaches explicitly to the state content standards and therefore his kids do well on the STAR test. But his own classroom tests don't require anything but regergatation of facts.
I have tentatively planned what i want to cover during my unit, but i have to make sure i teach the standards and give them a test that follows his format. He doesn't make lesson plans, so i am on my own for this.

I think i have a good plan so far, i just have to work out the details and create some cool activities. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adrenaline Rush

I spend my tuesday nights in my methods course at SJSU. It is specifically for science teachers and is taught by two wonderful women who are also teachers.Tonight, some of us did 4 minute presentations on our hobby. I chose to talk about puzzles. I knew what i wanted to say but i hadn't made an exact plan of how it was actually going to come out of my mouth and i definitely hadn't practiced it. If i had, i probably wouldn't have talked as fast as i did. Even during my presentation, i knew i was going way too fast, but i couldn't stop myself. My fight or flight response had kicked in, and i was using that adrenaline to do neither. It probably didn't help that i was being recorded by two video cameras (for further review). But afterward, I got a nice comment from one of my classmates, which was a little calming. He said that i should talk more and that i was funny, or interesting, or is all kinda hazy now. But it felt nice to hear that. Somebody wanted to hear more from me and know more about me.
As i was in the car driving home and i called Peter. He is of course still at work at 9 pm. And bless his heart, he listened while I ranted for a few minutes about my presentation and even while i got side tracked with a small case of road rage. The power of adrenaline is amazing.
I am hoping that i won't be such a freak in the classroom and that i can get myself under control.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another surgery

It's not me this time, but it is my little kitty, Tulie. Peter took her in yesterday morning to get spayed. Our cat rarely meows but Peter called me from the road on his way to the Humane Society and our little baby was crying the entire time. It was heart breaking. I spent the day alone for the first time in six months. I missed her follwing me from room to room and when ever i got up, i checked my heels but there was no cat behind me. It was incredibly lonely. I am so used to her keeping me company in the bathroom or when i am writing emails. I am used to having someone to talk to throughout the day. I treat her like she's my baby in many ways because I take care of her but today, i felt i was missing a friend.

The Humane Society called and said,"There's been an emergency and...." and my heart skipped beat. They continued. "we won't get a chance to spay Tulie. Can you bring her back tomorrow?" I was so relieved. What a scary way to start a sentence. So I took her in again this morning with her crying the entire time. But once we arrived, she stopped and was very calm. I spent the day alone again and received another call. This time her surgery was over and i could come pick her up. Tulie was calm on the ride home and has been acting as if nothing happened. I have to restrict her activity and make sure she doesn't lick her stitches (which she likes to do). Hopefully, i don't have to buy her a plastic collar.

It's so nice to have my kitty home again. Thank you Jackie and Sean for finding this beautiful, sweet, and silly kitty for Peter and I. We absolutely love her. Here are some of my favorite pics of her, including a new post-op picture.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, it's finally gone and i don't miss it. Doctors removed my gallbladder last week and I am better for it. My surgeon told Peter that i had a pretty large stone in there so I am very anxious to ask for details at my post-op appointment. I had meant to ask my surgeon if they could take a picture and let me see/keep my stones, but i don't have any memory after saying good-bye to Peter and being rolled down a hallway. Opps, i should have asked the nurse earlier.
A week later, i am almost back to normal. My stomach still has four "stabs", as one nurse put it, and bruising, but i am feeling pretty good. Normally i love staying home and doing absolutely nothing, but this time, when i couldn't get off the couch by myself, i was incredibly bored.
I was also surprised at how much i wanted to see my parents after my surgery. I guess that means something.
It has been so fun eating foods that i have had to abstain from for the last two months. Tami's cookies, gravy, and other fatty yet delicious items. I had a huge chocolate eclair from Max's. It took me two nights to eat half of it, with Peter eating the other half, and it was a magical experience. All that chocolate, buttery pastry, and custard filling still makes me smile just thinking about it.
A few biological functions haven't returned from surgery. I haven't felt hungry or full which has been an odd sensation. I defintely wasn't expecting that. Otherwise, i am almost normal and looking forward to a normal life.