Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Peter and Grace's Day of Fun 2008

With my future job looming only a week away and no real job to keep me occupied, i begged and pleaded with Peter to take a day off for another installment of Peter and Grace's Day of Fun. And when i say "begged and pleaded", i mean suggested and was quickly appeased. =) Our day began with a little sleeping in, and then a trip to Santa Cruz. First stop - Chaminade for checking out its potential weddingness. Next stop, Zoccoli's for our favorite sandwiches. Then on to the engineering building on UCSC campus to surprise Peter's college boss, Carol. We succeeded and were greeted with lots of hugs in addition to a picture of Peter taped to her wall. Carol loves him. Next stop, the catering department to chat about holding a wedding/reception on campus. Got some info, not a lot, but took some pics while we checked out one of the locations.After an afternoon in the sun and doing some wedding errands, we headed back downtown Santa Cruz to see a go...we missed the movie times. No problem! We can't be bothered on our day of fun, so back home to San Jose and a movie downtown. While all the other schmucks were waiting for work to end, Peter and I bought a package of two pitas, two bags of chips, two sodas, and two cookies, and two movie tickets courtesy of the Pita Pit's "Hot Date Night". Next a funny movie, Step Brothers, and candy. Since Peter and prefer different sugary treats, we each got out own candy. Sour Patch Kids for him, Whoppers for me. And to top it all off, on our walk back home, we passed the local hawaiian bbq/tapioca/slushy/frozen yogurt place and decided to treat ourselves to another treat. It was Peter and Grace's DOF, after all!

I encourage you all to play hooky and have a DOF!

Monday, August 18, 2008

2 Months Later

Two months ago, I finished my first year of teaching at Oak Grove and I was beginning my summer job with Camp Galileo. During those two months i worked 7 weeks of camp, vacationed in Hawaii, got engaged, moved out of our Sunnyvale apartment to a townhouse in downtown San Jose, worked 2 weeks at the Tech Museum summer camp where I designed my own curriculum for Junior M.D. class, spent a stressful week interviewing for a job, and got a job back at Oak Grove for the upcoming school year. With only a week left before I reenter a high school classroom, I am amazed looking back on my summer how i managed to fit it all in.

Peter and I don't have many plans yet. We have made some small decisions but have not made time to find a location/date. Sometimes it can feel a little stressful, but today our joint checking account checks came in the mail with both our names on them. It was a nice little reminder that we are about to officially belong to each other. Enjoy the following adorable pictures of Peter an I in Hawaii. ;)

Our view from our condo in Poipu.

The beach outside our condo was rocky but beautiful. Luckily, the Sheridan Hotel was only yards away, so we took advantage of their beach and amenities quite a few times.

 Peter and I at Spouting Horn moments before he proposed.

Peter's knee after he proposed.

And we also got a little dirty.

Ever since Hawaii, I've been trying to recapture it by wearing shorts or dresses which is extremely unusual for me. But since our trip, a pair of shorts brings flashes of relaxed, lazy, and carefree memories of being in the most beautiful place with the man I love. 

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today was the first day of Camp Galileo. Here's some proof of my transition from teaching high school science to teaching crime solving to first and second graders. I have spent the last hour photoshopping together an imaginary character called Indiana Chicken, who has traveled to the Temple of Karnak, only to find all the artifacts missing. Our task...solve the crime and recover the artifacts.

Monday, June 09, 2008

One down

Last week, I finished my first year of teaching. When I say first year of teaching, I mean 8 months of teaching full time with half my curriculum already designed for me.

I was lucky to begin my teaching in my student teaching classroom. My master teacher took maternity leave in October, and I got to take all her classes AND get paid. Sweet. She had curriculum already for her physiology classes, so I was responsible for creating original material for only biology. That definitely lifted a weight off my shoulders. After watching my dad go through his first year of teaching only a few years ago, I feel very lucky to have found the position I did. And next year, I will have a head start with a bio and physio curriculum already in my possession.

The school year ended early for me since my master teacher had to return to work for the last two weeks of school which meant that I would leave, she would return, and our students would have to transition to a new teacher. I think the fact that I was leaving so unexpectedly made a bigger impact than if I had stayed the entire year. The students were nervous but extremely sweet even with one student trying to figure out if most of my 150 students rallied and contributed $10, maybe they could pay me to continue teaching for two weeks.

On my last day, during second period biology, we had finished early having just completed a test (yes, I give tests on my last day), a couple students asked me to the back of the room to answer some questions about next year; requirements for chemistry, expectations for physiology, etc... Then I heard a rustling sound behind me and quickly turned around (they say in school, never turn your back to our students. oops) and found other students hanging up a huge banner on my white board.

Here are a few favorite parts.

After second period, my other classes saw the poster and added their names and short messages. It turned out to be my version of a year book. On top of that, fourth period planned a party in my honor and got me cake and a card. It was a great day!

I miss my kids but I'm excited to have received my credential this year and have a year of teaching under my belt. Now I just have to find a job for next year!