Monday, May 07, 2007

Too much fun

Peter and I needed a weekend from our weekend. We went to a Giants game on Friday night but left early in the afternoon to pick up tickets from the craigslist dude. We later found parking and waited for the gates to open to receive the promo for the game, giants blankets. Woo-hoo! something to keep me warm during the brisk San Francisco night at the ballpark. Giants came from behind to win and Peter and I headed to my parent's house to spend the night. Saturday morning meant pancakes and some time with the folks.

We left San Francisco Saturday afternoon and continued our fun weekend by heading to the park for some softball practice and aerobie. Check out Tracy's blog for details. Needless to say, we ended the night with homemade Lee family enchiladas and margaritas.

Sunday morning, Peter and I hopped an early train for San Francisco for yet another Giants game. But this was no ordinary trip. This trip included an autograph signing with J.T. Snow, my favorite Giants player. He played for the Giants for 9 seasons earning 6 gold gloves as a Giant and as an Angel. He was a player you could always count on defensively and offensively. He also happened to be very handsome, to boot. After years of swooning, i got an opportunity to be in his presence. Peter and I stood outside the new Giants Team Store across the street from the stadium to guarantee ourselves autographs. They were only letting in 250 people and we had no idea what the scene was going to be like. So, we got there around noon for a 3 pm signing. It must have been the hottest day ever in The City and we tried to do anything to protect ourselves from burning in the sun. Besides sunscreen, Peter covered himself in the blanket we got from Friday night's game.

Once inside the store, i got a glimpse of J.T. through some racks of t-shirts. I began to get jittery and squirrelly and on the verge of tears.
I wanted to tell him that first base hasn't been the same without him but all i could muster was a couple of thank yous. He asked how i was and i asked how he was doing, but i felt like a groupie instead of a huge fan of his mad skills. Peter took this incredible awkward picture of J.T. and I. I had no idea what to do with myself and stood there looking like a fool while i signed my shirt.

Now the problem is what to do with my shirt. I LOVE wearing my Snow shirt and want to continue wearing it. Now, it's even cooler with his signature. What's a girl to do? Should i continue wearing it, even though i may accidentally ruin it or put it in the wash? Or do i frame it and put it on my wall and never wear one of my favorite shirts ever again?

After the signing, Peter and I headed into the park. Lately, we have been hanging out in the bleachers during batting practice trying to nab some baseballs. But after sitting in the sun for 3 hours already, I opted to sit in the shade and watch batting practice. Eventually we moved to our seats overlooking right field and continued to sit in the sun for another 2 hours. The foul line pole kept us in the shade for a portion of the game, but i sat for several innings with my sweatshirt over my head keeping the sun out of my face. I guess i don't do well in sunlight. Maybe we should stick to night games.

The Giants lost, but it wasn't heartbreaking like some games. Afterward, Peter and I headed back to the train for our ride home. We settled in around 10 pm only to dread the coming morning of work and school. With three giants games under our belt this season, we are hooked. We are constantly looking for more tickets and more deals to get us back to the park. Here's looking at a great season of baseball. Go Giants!