Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Earth Day Celebration

Peter and I celebrated Earth Day in an unexpected way. We went to Petsmart and bought new cat litter. We clean her littler box every night which means using plastic bags every night to dispose of litter. That means we have used a lot of plastic bags since we adopted Tulie. I would like to think i am Earth friendly, but i sure helped create a lot of trash. Supposedly it takes plastic bags 1,000 years to decompose. So Peter and I switched to "World's Best Cat Litter" and yes, that is its real name. It is biodegradable litter and is flushable. It is made from corn kernels. So Last night, we cleaned Tulie's catbox, flush it down the toilet and gave each other a high five. Yay! No more plastic bags to take out every night and no more plastic bags to cover the earth with.

Here are some Earth Day products to think about. We can make easy changes to what we use that can make a difference.
Worlds Best Cat Litter

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