Friday, May 12, 2006

An accident in the parking lot

That's what i told peter when i came home last night. I had a little accident in the parking lot. And for some reason he got worried. No, no, no...not that kind of accident. I was bringing home dinner which consisted of two soft drinks and a bag of fast food. While trying to get out of my car with said food, my purse, and car keys, i dropped the keys as soon as i opened my car door. So, the logical thing to do would be to squat down with all my drinks and food and try to pick up the keys. Right? Ummm...the problem with trying to bend over while half sitting in my car, and the other half of me reaching for the parking lot floor is that the cup holder isn't very secure. That's when my sprite splattered to the floor and all over the car next to me. Shit! So, the next logical step would be to place the other drink and bag of food on the trunk of my car while i wipe off my neighbor's car and remove any embarrassing evidence of a Wendy's cup in the middle of the parking lot. And while I sat wiping down some stranger's car, my bag of food came crashing down next to me. Two orders of fries and five chicken nuggets splattered on the floor next to me. I was extremely pleased that no one was in the parking lot while i scooped dirty fries back into their containers to throw away. So all i had left were two hamburgers and one soda. mmmmm....satisfying. I can no longer deny that i am truely a klutz.