Monday, January 16, 2006

A Walk Through the Middle of Nowhere

After visiting the flea/ farmer's market this morning in San Florentine- where Ginny tried on a sweater in the back of the guy's white, windowless van and i kept a look out- Ginny and I packed a picnic and headed out of Vaudevanne to the town of Chailley where there is this cemetary on the side of the tallest hill in town. And on the very top is a chapel. So we did a long walk through farmland, got our shoes covered in who knows what, hiked up the hill, and enjoyed our lunch with our freezing fingers. It's awfully hard to eat an orange with gloves on. After some fun pictures we headed home, got a little lost, walked through someone's backyard and found our way home. It was so nice coming back to a warm house and clean clothes.

a few notes

I forgot to mention that yesterday we visited one of Anna's freinds here who lives in a chateau. Her son is a big deal at Shell and bought the place. The house even has a moat around it. Well, it could have a moat, they had it drained while they do construction. It's official name is Chataeu de Percey

Visited Noyers and Chablis yesterday

Took a great shower today. Felt like i was emersed in the warmest water. Extremely hard to get out of.