Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, it's finally gone and i don't miss it. Doctors removed my gallbladder last week and I am better for it. My surgeon told Peter that i had a pretty large stone in there so I am very anxious to ask for details at my post-op appointment. I had meant to ask my surgeon if they could take a picture and let me see/keep my stones, but i don't have any memory after saying good-bye to Peter and being rolled down a hallway. Opps, i should have asked the nurse earlier.
A week later, i am almost back to normal. My stomach still has four "stabs", as one nurse put it, and bruising, but i am feeling pretty good. Normally i love staying home and doing absolutely nothing, but this time, when i couldn't get off the couch by myself, i was incredibly bored.
I was also surprised at how much i wanted to see my parents after my surgery. I guess that means something.
It has been so fun eating foods that i have had to abstain from for the last two months. Tami's cookies, gravy, and other fatty yet delicious items. I had a huge chocolate eclair from Max's. It took me two nights to eat half of it, with Peter eating the other half, and it was a magical experience. All that chocolate, buttery pastry, and custard filling still makes me smile just thinking about it.
A few biological functions haven't returned from surgery. I haven't felt hungry or full which has been an odd sensation. I defintely wasn't expecting that. Otherwise, i am almost normal and looking forward to a normal life.