Monday, August 18, 2008

2 Months Later

Two months ago, I finished my first year of teaching at Oak Grove and I was beginning my summer job with Camp Galileo. During those two months i worked 7 weeks of camp, vacationed in Hawaii, got engaged, moved out of our Sunnyvale apartment to a townhouse in downtown San Jose, worked 2 weeks at the Tech Museum summer camp where I designed my own curriculum for Junior M.D. class, spent a stressful week interviewing for a job, and got a job back at Oak Grove for the upcoming school year. With only a week left before I reenter a high school classroom, I am amazed looking back on my summer how i managed to fit it all in.

Peter and I don't have many plans yet. We have made some small decisions but have not made time to find a location/date. Sometimes it can feel a little stressful, but today our joint checking account checks came in the mail with both our names on them. It was a nice little reminder that we are about to officially belong to each other. Enjoy the following adorable pictures of Peter an I in Hawaii. ;)

Our view from our condo in Poipu.

The beach outside our condo was rocky but beautiful. Luckily, the Sheridan Hotel was only yards away, so we took advantage of their beach and amenities quite a few times.

 Peter and I at Spouting Horn moments before he proposed.

Peter's knee after he proposed.

And we also got a little dirty.

Ever since Hawaii, I've been trying to recapture it by wearing shorts or dresses which is extremely unusual for me. But since our trip, a pair of shorts brings flashes of relaxed, lazy, and carefree memories of being in the most beautiful place with the man I love.