Saturday, May 12, 2007

Softball in Review

Peter, Radhika, and I have joined a softball team with my old and Radhika's current employer, MyGym. The team is made up of the owner and some employees (myself being the only ex-employee) and significant others. I have been playing 3rd base recently which is way hard. Peter and i have been working on me not being afraid of grounders. I am always terrified that they will pop up out of my glove and hit me in the face.

Last Wednesday's game included the fastest ball to come my way so far. Naturally, I shrieked and avoided it. Not the proudest moment of my softball career, but it was scary! I did have one redeeming moment when i caught a line drive, though. Other highlights included hitting 3 for 3, getting hit in the chin by a bobbled toss, and losing the game by 20 runs.

Peter has played in a couple games but has to share his position in the line-up since we have more guys who want to play than there are positions. We generally have more girls than there are positions, but some are more hesitant to play than others. But i am in demand, so i always get to play the whole game. So even if i feel bad about a play, i have to remind myself that i rock.