Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another surgery

It's not me this time, but it is my little kitty, Tulie. Peter took her in yesterday morning to get spayed. Our cat rarely meows but Peter called me from the road on his way to the Humane Society and our little baby was crying the entire time. It was heart breaking. I spent the day alone for the first time in six months. I missed her follwing me from room to room and when ever i got up, i checked my heels but there was no cat behind me. It was incredibly lonely. I am so used to her keeping me company in the bathroom or when i am writing emails. I am used to having someone to talk to throughout the day. I treat her like she's my baby in many ways because I take care of her but today, i felt i was missing a friend.

The Humane Society called and said,"There's been an emergency and...." and my heart skipped beat. They continued. "we won't get a chance to spay Tulie. Can you bring her back tomorrow?" I was so relieved. What a scary way to start a sentence. So I took her in again this morning with her crying the entire time. But once we arrived, she stopped and was very calm. I spent the day alone again and received another call. This time her surgery was over and i could come pick her up. Tulie was calm on the ride home and has been acting as if nothing happened. I have to restrict her activity and make sure she doesn't lick her stitches (which she likes to do). Hopefully, i don't have to buy her a plastic collar.

It's so nice to have my kitty home again. Thank you Jackie and Sean for finding this beautiful, sweet, and silly kitty for Peter and I. We absolutely love her. Here are some of my favorite pics of her, including a new post-op picture.